Poetry Slam

I gave tests on Friday in both Modern World History and US Government. For Modern World History, a 9th grade class, I gave a 10-question short answer exam which was taken via computer. It was my first attempt at giving a traditional assessment via computer or any other technology - the results are out, but I imagine I'll be building on this again.

For US Government, it was an unfortunate return to the scantron. They are working on a project right now as their form of authentic assessment. They have researched and learned about most every aspect of our legislative branch. Some practices and traditions - gerrymandering district lines, earmarks while the nation is insanely in debt, political favors* - are either too widely accepted as normal or not well-known enough to garner attention from the public, or much of the public has simply become too jaded to care. Either way, we've watched a whole bunch of Public Service Announcements and are in the process of scripting, filming and editing our own. It's been a lot of fun. I'm excited to share the finished product with you in a few weeks.

By the way, in the midst of my paper-grading binge, my wonderful wife and I have also gone on a 'House of Cards' Season 2 binge. It came out Friday, Valentine's day. Like any good husband, I delayed my desire to watch the new season in honor of the holiday and took my wonderful wife out to a fantastic steak dinner on The Plaza.**

**Just kidding. I really do have the best wife ever. We played indoor soccer, ate pizza and watched several episodes of 'House of Cards'. We finished Season 2 on Sunday. Follow @autismteacher13 on twitter. She's an awesome wife with a brand new blog of her own!

For this week, though, I have to grade. A lot. In honor of that grading, a picture to bring you peace and a short poem:
(Authentic assessment exams, of course)

An ode to grading tests...

It is with time and care that I look at thee,
Some with fear, some with glee.
The words are written down and down,
The ridiculous answers make me cry and frown,
The kids in class they play and clown
The grades they do go down and down

The time it takes me to grade at night,
To look, critique, to read and write.
The stacks of tests go high and high,
DOK 4 answers, how they make me fly,
And the kids, the effort, oh they try,
For many, the grades go high so high.

To my wife, I'm sorry that I may hole up,
The tests this week, they filleth my cup.
And so I sit here, page by page,
Some cause me joy, some cause me rage,
Test grading week gives me thoughts so sage,
As I grade these tests, page by page.


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