Monday Tech Minute [4/21/14] - Movenote

Every Monday morning, check this blog for three quick reasons to try out a new little piece of technology. These are all tech tips that I have used in class or that I am excited to try out very soon. If you missed last week's post about using screen-capture technology in the classroom, check it out here

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Monday Tech Minute [4/21/14] - Movenote

A quick post for this Monday. Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate this holiday! I enjoyed a wonderful and tiring weekend with my family myself. I hope you got to spend some time with your family also. 

This week's Monday Tech Minute is a website - This site was brought to my attention by my wonderful wife Angela (@autismteacher13) a while ago, but I have just recently started playing with it. It is, essentially, a mixture of a screenshot video and a selfie video. Here are three quick reasons to give it a shot. 

1. It's a screenshot - with your voice!
So this is my favorite part of the site. I can do a screen capture easily enough using Smart Notebook or Quicktime. The feature that both of those lack is the ability to show my face as I talk. I love this for videos that I make for my students because of the relationship factor that exists in any assignment we teachers create. Anything I can do to make it feel like I'm working with the student is a step that I want to take. 

One of the things I do with my assessments is to give kids the test a week before I give them the real thing. All of the questions are of the why variety, which means that they cannot be googled or found directly in the textbook. I've come to believe that the process of preparing for a test like this (I allow them to use work from the unit - even the internet - while they take their test) is very much a reflection of a task in the business world. My current project is to prepare a Movenote video for each of the questions that are in my upcoming test to help the students study in a more personalized way. Check out the test here and the first in the series of videos below:
2. You can upload the slides easily
One of my big complaints with many online programs are that you often have to recreate the content you would like to use. Prezi is a great example. You can upload powerpoint slides, but the features in Prezi are so unique that the traditional powerpoint that you have already created usually doesn't fit well with the features of Prezi. If you want to fully utilize Prezi, I often find that I need to start from scratch. 

With Movenote, you can easily upload your powerpoint and it fits right in. It also like .pdf documents. In the video above, I took the single extra step of saving my study guide I had already created as a .pdf file and its ready to go. 

3. Movenote is web-based
So this is an advantage that is not unique to, but it is still a great feature and one that I look for in #edtech resources. I have plenty of things saved on my flashdrive and do not feel the need to have more stuff there. Plus, I never forget the internet at home! That which is web-based cannot be lost!*

*Yes mom, never say never. It can be lost. I just trust the internet not to lose it more than I trust myself not to lose my flashdrive. 

The above video that I uploaded is the embed feature in action. One of the many options you have when you have completed a video is to embed the video into a website using HTML code, which is easy to understand even for non-coders like me. You can also share the video with several social networking sites. You can also easily download as a video and upload the video to if you would like to share it that way. Again, lots of options, which I love.

Have you used Movenote before? Do you record lectures/study videos/other class videos with another tool that you really like? Share below in the comments section!

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