The Project Project

Projects can be awesome or terrible depending on how they're done. If done right, a project can change the way one looks at the surrounding world. A project can speak to a greater truth that we may know, or sometimes more powerfully, a truth that we have not yet realized.

I lay claim to being a project-based teacher and I do have my students complete projects with regularity. It is rare, however, that those projects achieve a level of thought and understanding that would classify as world-changing. I think that my class completed one of those projects the past week at The White House Decision Center. You can read about that more in-depth here.

That got me thinking about projects and how they go in classrooms around the world. What makes your projects tick? What makes your students invest themselves so deeply in the project that it keeps you up late and night planning and grading and contacting and planning some more?

I want to create a Padlet called the Project Project and collect stories and tales of wonderful projects around the world. The launch date is November 3rd, 2014. We'll see where it goes! You can add to it below or share the link around the world!

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