PICTURES - We The People

We The People is such a drawn out experience in many ways. I took the first step towards prepping for this during the summer last year. The students took their first steps starting around October. And yet the competition itself lasts about 45 minutes. Here we are, about 20 hours after arriving in Jefferson City, and we back on the bus headed back to KC. I'm far too tired to put anything coherent together in a blog post at the moment, so I'll save that for later.

I wrote a separate post on the behind-the-scenes of this competition on the bus ride to Jefferson City yesterday. If you haven't read that yet, check it out here.

For now, here are some pictures of our trip. More to come later as I get some feedback from the students and a full night or two of sleep.

High School kids sleep in the most
incredible postitions!

Catching some pool time at the hotel
Center took 8 students to Jefferson City to compete

Team dinner at Arris Pizzeria in downtown
Jefferson City after a walking tour of
the Capitol

Students put in about 3 hours of prep work
on Sunday evening at the hotel

This competition requires deep knowledge
of the US Constitution, speaking skills and
collaboration in small groups

Students prepare for their presentation in one of the
Missouri State Capitol Hearing Rooms

From left to right:
Monae Norton, Daleshawn Smith, Malik Johnson, Nick Hoof, Chyna Scott,
Taylor Johnson, Allan Medina, Jaun Lobo, Alec Chambers (teacher)
Not pictured: Troy Butler (Asst. Principal - he took the picture)