Connected Educator Day - MAY 2nd, 2015

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Being a connected educator is a must in the modern world of education. There is simply too much out there in the world to NOT connect. There are too many great projects; too many incredible teachers; too many informational and entertaining videos; too many organizations ready to give time and money and resources; too much of everything that is good in education. If you are not connected, or at least are not trying to connect, then you are doing a disservice to yourself as a professional and, more importantly, you are doing a disservice to your students!

Having said that, if you're reading this blog, then I'm probably not talking about you! So thanks for connecting. Maybe think about leaving a comment today so that we can all learn from each other!

Connected Educator Day - May 2nd, 2015

May 2nd is Connected Educator Day. This is exactly what it sounds like - a day to encourage others around the world of education to become more connected. If you haven't been on Twitter yet, try it out. Specifically, think about joining #satchat for a special Saturday morning session. If you don't blog, try it out. It starts as personal reflection, but turns into a really wonderful place to share and gain ideas. If you aren't on Voxer yet, get there and connect with me. I'll show you a few great groups to join.

If you are a little leary of the #edtech world, then connect with others around your building and district. Can you start a book club, perhaps with a little Teach Like a Pirate? Can you start a monthly meet-up for teachers in your district where you talk about successes in your classroom like #kcedu? Can you walk around your building and see other teachers doing their great work and find some inspiration there?

Whatever it is, get connected and keep learning!

Thanks for reading this blog! I hope you'll consider taking a moment to comment below and turn this into a conversation. Whether you are an educator or not, we have all had common experiences with education both good and bad. I want to hear what you think! 

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